Week 22 – Final Review Of All Elements

A final session was scheduled in week 22 for the review of each component. As the tutor inspected the different components (i.e. Commercial Video Advert, Promotional Posters, Storyboards, Blogs, Social Media Plan [SMP] and Public Relations [PR]), feedback was taken into consideration so as to improve the different sections that required attention. This coursework was a great experience since much expertise was gained in the different means to advertise a commercial product while considering the numerous marketing strategies to reach the targeted audience. The positive and negative aspects of both promotional posters and commercial advert will be analysed as below.

Promotional Posters

The font utilised promotes the characteristic of the drink and the characters illustrate that the product is meant for athletes and employees at work. However, there is not adequate information about the relationship between the logo, receptacles and the targeted audience as well as the flavours which would have further benefited the different marketing strategies. 

Commercial Advert

The scenario chosen for the commercial advert justifies the goal of such a product and video effects are coherent but the application of more special effects would have rendered the advert more alluring to entice the general public.

Ultimately, the final submission date was on the 10th May 2013.

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Week 21 – Public Relations [PR]

This week’s session was dedicated to the creation of diverse social media pages. Based on the social media plan, the different social media tools that were adopted, the strategy devised to promote the product and the metrics selected had to be implemented. Thus, a Facebook Page, Twitter Page, WordPress Blog, YouTube and Vimeo Channels were created.

Let us first consider Facebook whereby the different promotional posters and commercial video are found as follows:-

FB 1

Insights on Facebook helped to analyse the product’s social dimension as illustrated below.

   Insight 1  Insight 2                                             Insight 3

The next social media tool chosen to advertise the product is Twitter. Below is the main page consisting of tweets about the product.


Tweets, Following and Followers were used as measurement variables while Twitalyzer which is an analytic tool was  utilized as the next screenshot demonstrates.


Besides, a famed open source blogging tool and content management system known as Word Press also proved beneficial as shown below. 

Word Press


Word Press - Stats

Word Press - Energy


Word Press - Energy Stats

YouTube, being one of the most common and famous online video sharing website was also used to promote the energy drink. The channel is exemplified as below.


YouTube Analytics

Finally, Vimeo which is also a renown online video sharing website was used to publicize the advert as beneath.


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Week 20 – Social Media Plan [SMP]

The Social Media Plan is a study of the most common and famous social media tools currently in use. In this part, the strategy devised to promote the fictional product is thoroughly examined. In addition to that, the different measurement variables depending on the social media tool utilized will be carefully studied for the evaluation of the commercial product. Hence, the purpose of the social media plan is also to estimate whether the promotion of the commercial product has raised public awareness and been given a new social dimension.

The social media plan for Dynamo Energy Drink is as follows: Social Media Plan [SMP]

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Week 19 – Promotional Ad [Video]

The completion of the storyboard is beneficial to scheme the layout of the ultimate commercial video. At this stage of the coursework, different video shooting techniques were explored and the best practices were adopted. For the promotion of the energy drink, only one model was used and the location elected was at the university premises. For the video shootout, the IPhone 4S with an eight megapixel camera was utilized.

Video editing was possible by using Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6. Adobe Premier Pro was mainly used for video trimming, editing and assembling while Adobe After Effects was essential for video transitions, motion graphics and visual effects. An Adobe After Effects template was downloaded from  “http://www.freeaetemplates.comand is known as “Hologram After Effects Photo Template”. 

Numerous versions of the promotional ad was created and shown to the tutor for feedback in order to enhance the final version. Final commercial video can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQPS-kVkY-o or below. A step by step guide regarding some parts of the video advert can be downloaded here: Dynamo Video Advert

Next week, the diverse social media tools culled to raise the awareness of the product will be considered in detail.

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Week 18 – Storyboard [Video Making]

The application of a storyboard is essential before the creation of the promotional video advert since it saves a considerable amount of time when planning the video production. Besides, a variety of online videos were taken into account in order to own a better comprehension about the video structure.

Manifold substantial factors were identified. Furthermore, the projection of the video advert was carefully thought to stay within the time frame (that is a maximum of two minutes). The storyboard consists of ten scenes and is as below.

             1 2 3 4

In the subsequent week, the promotional video advert will be subjected to an analysis.

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Week 17 – Promotional Ad [Posters]

The posters intend to encourage and promote a particular product or company. Prior to the creation of the poster, a broad understanding of the various elements that would reflect the theme is inspected as relevance to the topic (that is to say energetic drinks) is significant.


Pictures were taken by using a 12.3 megapixels Nikon D5000 camera as the decent quality of the camera made it easier for photo editing. Main software employed to create the posters are Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6.


Objective of the promotional posters are to boost the image and existence of “Dynamo Energy Drink”. Logo and product were designed in an alluring and simple way to notify the targeted audience of the intent of the product at first sight.


All the posters focus on the logo and product. This is because the audience should become aware of the product and its name at first glance. It can be noticed that a young adult and an athlete are drinking the functional beverage. Thus, the targeted audience is predetermined and clearly illustrate its goal as shown below.

              Energy Drink 3 Final Poster Final Poster Dynamo

A step by step guide for the design of a poster is available at: Dynamo Poster

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Week 16 – Logo [Design] & Storyboard For Promotional Posters

This phase initiates the most crucial parts of this coursework. A logo is observed to be a predominant factor when promoting a product. The logo is the identity of the product and therefore much effort had to be dedicated so as to come up with a decorous outcome. Before working on the logo, utilization of colors was paramount as the same color will be apply to the product. A sample of the logo is found as below:

Dynamo Energy Drink Logo

Moreover, a storyboard was planned before the final layouts of the promotional posters. Below is the storyboard for the promotional posters.

Promotional Poster - Storyboard

In the forthcoming week, the next section that will be covered is the promotional poster and a further study shall be carried out in order to analyse the various ingredients that produce a good poster.

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Week 15 – [Research on theme]

At this stage, much research had to be done in order to gain insight to the different techniques and social media tools other companies were adopting to advertise these kind of products. Numerous commercial adverts were examined on You Tube and the prime components present in the video did not go unnoticed. Furthermore, several promotional posters were considered so as to perceive the message that companies were trying to convey through posters. The idea that was finally embrace is the use of different punchlines  combined with a collection of photos and video shots promoting the energetic drink. The logo of the energy drink shall be  taken into consideration in the following week.

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Week 14 – [Choice of theme]

Prior to choosing a peculiar topic, the fact that a concept should be original had to be taken into consideration as at this stage, any careless thought could prove detrimental to the promotional package. After much consideration, the theme that was chosen for this coursework is the creation of a new functional beverage/energy drink. The company is called “Dynamic Spark Ltd” and the product is known as “Dynamo Energy Drink”. A thorough research will be done in the coming week concerning energetic drinks.

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Week 13 – [Introduction]

This coursework constitutes of diverse elements that will be utilized in order to create a promotional package regarding a fictional product from a fictitious company. In addition to that, the product should be inventive and original. Different components will be evaluated as the different steps will be essential for the advertisement of the product. These different constituents are namely blog, storyboard, poster, advert, social media plan and public relations. The success of the promotional campaign will depend upon the completion of these milestones. Moreover, the usage of common social media tools as well as a multitude of photo and video editing techniques will be fundamental to this coursework. The weekly progress will be further elaborated in this blog on a weekly basis so as to keep track of the continuous progress of the promotional package. Next week, a theme will have to be chosen.

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